„Pawel Zawadzki is a very talented pianist (…). He is a musician deserving the highest attention, in whom we can hold our hopes for the future."

Adam Rozlach, Postfestival Bulletin, Tarnów

„Certainly, Pawel Zawadzki, an exceptionally talented pianist from Wroclaw, had a lot to express. In F. Chopin’s Sonata in B-flat Minor he was able to present an interpretation of high caliber. Prof. Regina Smendzianka stated that his performance of Chopin’s Mazurkas op. 59 was majestic.”

Józef Kański, The Musical Movement

„Pawel Zawadzki has emerged as a pianist who has wonderfully mastered the keyboard. His magnificent technique served the purposes of the interpretation at its best, i.e. to expose all the nuances consisting in the pieces. The pianist had a very refined sound of a beautiful hue and he was able to match his touch with the particular époque and esthetics of the composer.”

Prof. Andrzej Tatarski

„I think that Pawel Zawadzki has wonderfully mastered the technique and sensitivity to the sound. His interpretations are very interesting and his concept of form is magnificent. He is one of the foremost Polish pianists of the young generation.

Prof. Halina Czerny-Stefańska

„Pawel Zawadzki is a great musician with a mature artistic image and wonderful piano technique.”

Prof. Grzegorz Kurzyński

„I would like to warmly invite your attention to the Wroclaw pianist, Pawel Zawadzki. I had the pleasure to accompany him during his performance of the S. Rachmaninoff Concerto no. 3 in D Minor. The pianist’s magnificent technique allowed him to perform the most difficult parts of the masterpiece at ease, thus letting him immerse totally in the making of beautiful music. The concert was greeted by the audience with a standing ovation."

Prof. Marek Pijarowski

„In this pianist’s image, his unusual artistic creativity is prevalent – he is striking in his passion to cultivate pianism. The vast concert repertoire, stylistically various, full of masterpieces of piano literature and the wonderful interpretations of dr Pawel Zawadzki, allow us to include him in the elite of the best Polish pianists.”

Prof. Regina Smendzianka

„I heard S. Rachmaninoff’s Concerto no.3 in D Minor performed by the recognized Polish pianist Pawel Zawadzki. From the first sounds of the concerto, it was clear that his performance is very different from most interpretations, dull and insignificant, of this very difficult piano concerto. I was surprised most of all by Pawel Zawadzki’s deep understanding of the musical content, refined phrasing, grasp of form and elasticity of rhythms, which play an essential role in the interpretation of this concerto.”

Moscow Conservatory, Prof. Victor Merzhanov

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